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3D scanning museum artifacts 3D scanning museum collections 3D scanning sculpture colour 3D scan

we 3D scan museum objects and collections

Object collections are an important asset to any organisation and they often have hidden potential. sample & hold have the capability to unlock this potential by 3D digitising a collection for use as an exhibition tool, online gallery and for scientific, restoration and archival purposes. sample & hold use 3D scanners which are capable of capturing high resolution feature details in full colour - and the process is completely non-contact so delicate objects are not compromised in the capture process.
Our 3D scanning kit is fully portable and we have travelled all around the world 3D scanning historical objects, big and small, in a museum or out in the field, for commercial or research reasons.

3D Scanning PDF Click here to view a PDF of our work in museums around the world 3D Scanning PDF Click here to read about our 3D documentation of the Fredrick Parker Collection

3D scan web viewer 3D scan web viewer 3D scan web viewer

create 3D web collections using our 3D scan data

We use 3D scanning to build web based galleries and supplementary exhibition information. Using our proprietary online 3D viewer we are able to display 3D scans on web sites in high detail and full colour. Users can interact with the 3D models, turn them around, switch the colour information on and off, reveal supplementary text information such as dates and historical background, and move the light source around to help read inscriptions and pictorial surface imagery.

3D scan replica 3D scanning reproduction 3D scanning scale model 3D scanning and 3D printing

we 3D scan objects and then make replicas and reproductions

We have many years of experience using our 3D scanners to replicate objects. There are a number of reasons to use 3D scanners to reproduce museum objects, the two most obvious being the non-contact nature of 3D scanning and the ability to easily change the scale of the final reproduction. We can record your object in full 3D without having to touch it, in your museum or store, so no transport worries. Once the 3D model is in the computer we can change the scale of the object and prepare it for manufacture. We then use 3D printing or digital CNC machining to produce a master from which a mold can be made and the object cast in the desired material - ready for your shop, catalogue or educational department.

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