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At sample & hold we realise that 3D scanning isn’t just about the equipment, like any tool it’s about how you use it and how it fits into a larger project work flow. With our years of experience we are able to advise on your project for all manners of downstream processes, and if you prefer we can also manage your whole project for you. Whether it is for physical or digital production we have the experience to take your project from idea to completion.

We offer our experience to you as a consultancy. Whether you need training, advice on setting up your own in house 3D scanning work flow, or you need a custom 3D scanning solution, we can help.

We also provide data processing services, so if you are undertaking a 3D scanning project and might require some extra capacity please give us a call.

Whatever you require we can make our knowledge and experience a resource for you.

sample & hold Ltd

51-63 Ridley Road
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Chris - 07795557584
Sam - 07818061709

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